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MSD Speaker

The MSD Speaker will introduce you to new experience with its superior quality sound and user-oriented unique design.

MSD Speakers are made of handmade metal and are individually designed because each model pursuits different, unique sounds. The MSD Speaker has given full consideration to ¡°Vibration is in inverse proportion to weight¡±, a simple but significant attribute of metal, and realized clear low-pitched sound. Also, its exterior design greatly serves as a peace of sculpture which gives visual pleasure when the speaker is silent.

¡°Have you ever heard of a handmade High-End speaker that creates extremely unique, elegant and exquisite sound?¡± ¡ètop

Introducing Rhea

Longing for nature is another expression for craving for fine sound. The MSD Speaker is based on the philosophy that it should be designed with a mind longing for nature. And thus, the concept of all the MSD Speaker series stems from nature. The <RHEA> completed with the concept has been created as a perfect integral form that is practical, ornamental and artistic.

Sound Design of Rhea

RHEA is the seventh model of the star-named MSD Speakers.
RHEA is a name of one of Saturn's satellites. As you can see, the motive of the exterior design of MSD Speakers is from the stars up in the sky. It is also carefully designed for a speaker's essence, best qualified sound. The housing of the MSD Speaker is made of duralumin which is a metallic material. By using metallic material, the vibration that comes from the inside is restraint and the quality of the sound is superior. Further, it is to materialize the accurate note and it is to create a most suitable condition for the listening room.
MSD has performed a number of experiments with metal and has designed with its benefits.
For example, there is time-alignment which is a method of providing qualified sounds irrespective of the condition of the space. The structure of the treble tweeter is made to slide back and forth. This mechanism allows the sound to adjust and optimize to different listening environments.
The housing of the speaker is accurately manufactured to exclude the damp and unnecessary tones.
By using a connected stand and vibration balls which are connected to the body and center, intercepts the minute oscillation that flows on the flour. Also, because of the easily adjustable connecting part which moves to the left and right makes it easy to adjust the sound .
The sound and network of RHEA were tuned and designed at Germany . The speaker is structured by
ACUTONE's 12 inch ceramic tweeter and 5.5 inch ceramic midrange. For the best sound quality, SILVER GOLD from MUNDORF is used for internal wiring and the components are from MUNDORF as well. The woofer system of RHEA can be additionally constructed. The RHEA W' system makes it possible to appreciate a large and wide range of sounds. By installing RHEA at the upper portion and installing the woofer system at the lower portion it realizes a wider, larger sound range. Also, a pure and natural sound of 100 KHz can be appreciated by constructing the diamond unit.

RHEA will provide a clear and pure sound indoors. Clear and pure like the philosophy of MSD.¡ètop